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Overview of the bespoke website crafted for Kevin Shilling, owner of ex. Donald Campbell’s AC Aceca, AC Bluebird,
by our passionate team at Vintage Historic Classic Promotions

Below is an overview of the structure from the bespoke website crafted for Donald Campbell’s special AC Aceca, now owned by Kevin Shilling and called “AC Bluebird”. This car has successfully completed the Mille Miglia, and as its story and provenance continue to grow its on-going history is shared with the World on its own special website, increasing the interest in, and value of, this beautiful classic car.

Kevin Shilling discerning owner of AC Bluebird with his website

Kevin Shilling,
Discerning owner of
AC bluebird

Why did Kevin Shilling commission a bespoke website for AC Bluebird from Vintage Historic Classic Promotions?

“When was the car built? What type of suspension does it have? Does it really have a wooden frame? Do the brakes work? I was getting asked so many questions about my 1954 AC Aceca that I decided to build a website and then simply direct all enquiries to

There are lots of web design and build packages available, but I wanted to work with someone who was as passionate about classic vehicles and their heritage as I am. Lloyd Wakelin is just the person to take an idea and turn it into reality through VHC Promotions. Lloyd is easy to work with and has lots of ideas that you won’t find in off the shelf packages.

The website for AC Bluebird has helped to increase the value of the car as more information about its history comes to light. You don’t need scruffy folders and scrappy bits of paper if you have a website. All the information you need is easily accessible.

A classic vehicle, with history and provenance, deserves a website so that others can enjoy and appreciate it. Lloyd is the man to make that happen.”

Kevin Shilling (Owner of AC Bluebird)

AC Bluebird Home Page

Home Page

Introduction to your special vehicle.
Latest news section for on-going history and engagement.

Visit AC Bluebird Home Page

AC Bluebird Brief History Page

Brief History

A summarised breakdown of the history of your special vehicle, which can include links to more detailed information.

Visit AC Bluebird Brief History Page

AC Bluebird Ownership History Page

Ownership History

Listing the previous owners of your special vehicle can be a great way to discover new information. The previous owners themselves, or their relations and friends, can help fill in the gaps in your vehicle’s history.

Visit AC Bluebird Ownership History Page

AC Bluebird Restoration Page

Vehicle Restoration

If your special vehicle has undergone restoration, this section can be utilised to show as much detail as you like about the restoration.

Visit AC Bluebird Restoration Page

AC Bluebird Technical Page


All enthusiast love to know more about the technical aspects of your special vehicle. This is the section of the website where you can describe this information in detail.

Visit AC Bluebird Technical Page

AC Bluebird The Future and Latest News

The Future and Latest News

The continued creation of provenance for your special vehicle is one of the most engaging aspects of its story. Within this section, you have the opportunity to create new history and extend your vehicle’s provenance.

Visit AC Bluebird Future Page

AC Bluebird Contact Page

Contact and Call to Action

Every page has a Call to Action, asking visitors if they know more about your special vehicle’s history and to provide details using a contact form.

Visit AC Bluebird Contact Page

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As enthusiasm and excitement around your special vehicle grow, there are opportunities to create and sell merchandise relating to your vehicle.

An online shop specifically designed for your merchandise is the perfect way to add more value by building on the enthusiasm of your vehicle’s fans!


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